School Name

Nightingale Infant and Nursery School



Welcome to Robin Class!

Throughout the week we experience a range of activities, including Maths and Literacy tasks. We really enjoy learning in our new Early Years Outside Area.

Each half term, we will provide you with some activities to complete around the topic. In Robin Class, we support the children to read daily through various reading activities including, daily stories and individual reading. Please record in the diary we send home with your child when they have read or shared a book with you at home. We will be sending home sound books for you to support your child with phonics. We are also working hard on counting. We sing and enjoy number rhymes on a daily basis to encourage this. You could help your child to practice counting in daily routines, for example counting the stairs up to bed.

Please do come and see us if you have any concerns or questions.

We are looking forward to an exciting rest of year in Robin Class and look forward to seeing you at our big share and grand finale events.

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