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Nightingale Infant and Nursery School



Welcome to Dove Class. Our teacher is Mr Hollis and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hales.

This term our topic is Superheroes. We will be learning about the body and the five senses with an emphasis on science.

The topic will include finding out about superheroes, their costumes, powers, and how they use their powers to do good in the world. We will look at how comics use speech bubbles and sound effects and are told through story boards and frames. The aim is for the children to create a new superhero and describe the adventures that they have.

In phonics we have been revisiting our single letter sounds and working with two and three letter sounds, including ch, sh, ee, ar and igh, to read and spell words. We call this blending and segmenting. We are focussing, particularly, on handwriting this year and are working on this every-day in the classroom.

In maths we are working on number recognition and counting skills to 20. We are also working hard to improve our formation of numbers.
You will receive some ideas for homework around our topic. We would like the children to complete six of the nine activities or anything else topic related they would like to share.

We would ask you to continue writing comments in your child’s new reading record book. We would encourage you to try and read daily with your child.

We do PE or outdoor activities every week but not, at the moment on set days, so we would ask you to send in a PE kit on Mondays and this can be returned to you on Fridays.

Please come and see us at the end of the school day if you have any questions or queries. We look forward to working closely with you in Year 1. We look forward to seeing you at our Grand Finale on Tuesday, October 17th.

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