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Nightingale Infant and Nursery School


26/01/18 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Well here ends another busy week!

Mystery Parcel!

The children are very excited as we have had a rather large delivery arrive and it’s standing in our front entrance. It’s all wrapped up at the moment and we will be unveiling the surprise next week. You are welcome to come and see it. I wonder if any of you can guess what it is!


Whilst we pride ourselves in working hard to ensure that our children are happy, safe and enjoying their learning, sometimes situations happen which don’t go to plan. When issues arise, we all work together as a team to resolve the situation, and we always endeavour to include parents and carers when it is appropriate to do so. We very much value your opinions and support. However, it has come to my attention that social media websites such as Facebook, are being used to complain about situations and in some cases, against school staff. The school considers the use of social media websites being used in this way as unacceptable and not in the best interests of the children or the whole school community. Any concerns you may have must be made through the appropriate channels by speaking to the class teacher, or Jonathan Coy, the Head Teacher, so that they can be dealt with fairly, appropriately and effectively for all concerned. We would very much appreciate it if you could inform us if you become aware of any negative comments on Facebook, so that we can contact all those concerned.

Celebrating Our Learning

The children had a fun start to this term with our Values and Go Go Hares Art Day. As part of the Values Day we aspired to be different artists. The children enjoyed painting pictures in the style of Georgia O'Keefe.

Year 2 have been doing some fantastic writing using adjectives to describe settings.

Message from Mrs Shepherd

Mrs Shepherd has organised Parents Evening appointments for Goldfinch class but should you be to unable to attend these times please can you see her to arrange an alternative appointment or email the office.   Thank you. 

Go Go Hares

We are very excited to be planning our Go Go Hare Leverett project. Tonight your child will come home with a design template of the leverett.  Please could you hand completed design sheets to your class teacher by Thursday, 8th February.  Should any adults in our school community want to enter a design too, please take an extra copy of the template from outside the office.  Have a fantastic time together talking about and trying out ideas before settling on your final design.  We will ask a pupil group to choose ideas and themes to be used in our Nightingale Infant and Nursery School Leverett design.

Things to consider are:  How do we want people to react to the design?  Do we want them to think about a particular idea/message? Will audiences learn about who we are, what we know and value?  Are we going to use paint or decorate our sculpture differently?  Indicate materials needed on your template.

If you have any experience working with acrylic paints or any art skills/talents that you would be willing to share with us please see Mrs Shepherd or leave an email address for us to contact you on.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

News from the Friends

Your child will be bringing home in their book bag tonight a further recycling 'Empties Please' wallet for your used ink cartridges.  Thank you for the cartridges that we have received so far.  We are well on our way to making our target this term!  We are hoping to qualify for some wildlife friendly equipment for the school grounds and need to raise as much money as possible to do so.  There is a recycling box placed in the school foyer for you to place your empties.   If you are interested in learning more have a look at  

Hot Chocolate Club 

Joining Mr Coy for Hot Chocolate (or appropriate alternative) this week for displaying our core values were:

Dove Class:                Hollie P.

Owl Class:                  Holly E.

Woodpecker Class:    Poppy B. 

Goldfinch Class:         Callum R. 

Community Achievers this week

Daisy Mae - Owls Class for Gymnastics

Daisy C - Woodpecker Class for Karate


This week the whole school attendance was 95.85%. Woodpecker Class won the attendance award for this week with 99%. Well done!  Our school attendance target is 96% so as you can see we are just under our target for this week.

May I wish you all a lovely weekend

Jonathan Coy

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