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Nightingale Infant and Nursery School


09.02.18 Newsletter

Good afternoon everyone, 

We have had a busy week with Grand Finales for the Year One and Two classes celebrating their topics.  Thank you to all parents and family members who supported these events.  Thank you also for the fantastic response of designs for our Go Go Hare Leveret.

Cursive handwriting made easy!

We are now part of the Letter-join handwriting scheme and any of our pupils wishing to practice their handwriting at home can now log-in to the letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers. 

How to login to letter-join

Simply go to and login with the username and password below.

For desktop and laptop log in - User name: ak8666       Password: home

For Ipad and tablet log in - Username: ak8666         Swipe code L (starting at top left).

Once logged-in, you will be able to watch how to form all the letters of the alphabet using the same style that we use at school. You can then trace over the letters and words on your tablet and print out the worksheets from your PC for real handwriting practice.

Staffing Update:

Mrs Martin, unfortunately will not be back before Easter.  Mrs Dovani-Shotton will continue in Goldfinch class on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. We thank you all for your patience in this matter. The Year Two team will continue to work hard to ensure consistency in the children's learning.

We are happy to say that we have appointed a new Pastoral Support Worker, Mrs Karen Begg and she will look forward to her joining the team after the half term. 

On a more sadder note, we said goodbye today to Mrs Sarah Causton one of our Nursery Assistants.   She has been a brilliant practitioner and we will miss her greatly but wish her lots of luck in her new job.     

Morning Drop off Arrangements

After half term there will be a change to how your child enters school in the morning. We would ask that you take your child to their outside classroom door and there they will be greeted by the teacher. Doors will now be open from 8.50 am. Teachers will still bring your child out to you in the playground at the end of the school day. This will also be the best time to catch up with the teachers. We would also ask that at the end of the day that you exit the school premises via the smaller playground gate and not through the staff car park. Thank you.

School Calendar

We are delighted to announce that we have updated our website to include a copy of the school calendar with all the events for the upcoming weeks. Please  use the following link to have a look, as always we welcome any feedback

Coffee Morning

SAFs (Student and Family Support) will be holding a coffee afternoon in the school hall on Tuesday, 13th March 2018.

Request from Mrs Hart

Please could we have donations of clean pants (for girls particularly), tights and socks for our spare clothes cupboard.  We are desperate!  Thank you! 

Hot Chocolate Club

Joining Mr Coy for Hot Chocolate (or appropriate alternative) this week for displaying our core value of responsibility were:

Dove Class: Evelyn W.

Owl Class: Georgia C.

Woodpecker Class: Harry C.

Goldfinch Class: Estella P.

Community Achievers this week:  Estella, Milo, Georgia and Alice for Swimming. Kayleigh for Rainbows.  


This week the whole school attendance was 94.97%. Woodpecker Class won the attendance award again for this week with 99%. Well done! Our school attendance target is 96% so as you can see we are just under our target for this week.

May I wish you all a lovely half term,

Jonathan Coy

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