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Nightingale Infant and Nursery School


8/12/17 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Message from the Head

We have had an exceptionally busy week with all the rehearsals taking place in preparation for our Christmas performances next week.   The children have been working very hard and everything is coming together ready for all the performances to parents, grandparents and carers next week.

For Reception and Year One classes please ensure that you have picked up your allocated tickets from the school office.   If you have been asking about the possibility of extra tickets, we should know by Monday if there will be any left.  Please pop into the school office.  As the Year Two performance is being held in St Edmund's church no tickets will be required and this performance will commence at 1.30 pm.

Next Wednesday, 13th December is Christmas Dinner day.  If you have not booked a Christmas lunch you will need to provide your child with a home packed lunch.  There will be no school packed lunches or jacket potatoes available on this day. 

Important Notice Regarding Staffing Changes in the New Year

The end of a term and the beginning of the next often brings staffing changes and so it has been proven the case once again.

Next term the staffing structure will be as follows:

Class                                        Class Teacher

Nursery                                    Mrs Lou Boyce
Reception (Wrens)                   Mrs Claire Hart
Reception (Robins)                  Mrs Tessa Warner
Year 1 (Owls)                           Mrs Jennifer Malone-Johnstone
Year 1 (Doves)                         Mr Gary Hollis (4 days) - 1 day - teacher to be confirmed.
Year 2 (Goldfinch)                    Mrs Paula Martin (3 days), Mrs Elaine Shepherd (2 days)
Year 2 (Woodpeckers)             Mrs Sophie Bradfield (3 days) - Mrs Elaine Shepherd (2 days)

Our learners, together with the quality of learning and teaching remain our foremost considerations at all times. New staff members bring skills, knowledge and experience that add to the wealth of our practice; staff changes also ensure that our school remains a vibrant learning community.   Learners are supported to manage these transitions and invariably demonstrate resilience and adaptability, essential skills for learning and for life.  Finally, I would like to thank all staff and pupils for their enormous hard work this term.

Yours Sincerely,

Jonathan Coy

A Message from the Friends

Just to remind you that the closing date for the Christmas plate art competition is next Wednesday, 13th December.  Remember to get your entries in!  There will be prizes for 4 winners and all the plates will be on display for everyone to see at the Christmas Fayre on the Friday.  


This week the whole school attendance was 89.27%.   Woodpecker Class won the attendance award for the week with 97.33%.   Our school attendance target is 96% so sadly we are below our target for this week. 

There has been a lot of sickness in the school over the past few weeks.  If your child has been unwell with the vomiting and diarrhoea bug may we remind you that we would not expect to see them return to school until 48 hours after last time they had been sick/had diarrhoea.  Thank you for your cooperation in this. 

Pupil Asset Parent App

It seems that there has been a problem with parents going on to the app, making changes to their child's lunch choices and the app then not saving these changes.  Pupil Asset have confirmed that there is an issue that they are currently addressing but if you are concerned that your child's lunch choices are not being saved then please contact the school office for confirmation.  Thank you.  

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