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Welcome to Dove Class 

We are a Year 1 class taught by Mr Hollis and Mrs Martin, and assisted by Mrs Hales and Mrs Hunt. 

This term we have been looking at Explorers and Adventurers. We have been been thinking about what skills we need to become an explorer, and listened to stories about explorers from around the world and throughout history. We have become explorers ourselves in the Nightingale Cave, where we discovered the different zones of the cave and what we would find there.  

We will be going under the sea next to learn about the world's 5 oceans and use our scientific knowledge to identify and name some common animals, including fish, reptiles and birds before we travel back in time to learn about dinosaurs and volcanoes. And to finish off our adventuring we will learn about Africa and our partner school in Malawi. 

We have some super readers in Year 1 and are trying to encourage the children to read as much as possible - our target for them is 5 times a week so please keep their red diaries updated so that we can see what they have been doing at home. 

In maths we have recently looked at time - we are getting pretty good with telling half past the hour but might need a bit of practise with quarter past and quarter to, so please help us by looking at clocks as and when you can with your child/ren.  

We have also been working on place value and are trying to secure hundreds, tens and ones - so, for example, 24 would be broken down to two 10's and 4 1's, 280 would be 2 100's and 8 10's. So again, we hope that you can help your child to practise this at home, as it is this can really help with number recognition and addition and subtraction, and beyond this multiplication.  

P.E. lessons take place every week so please can you ensure that your children bring in a named kit on a Monday.

Each week the children will receive Learning Link Homework. This will be sent home on a Friday.This is a really good opportunity for children to practise things that they have been learning, and for you to be more involved with their learning. If your child is finding things challenging please let us know so that we can help them.

We want to continue to work closely with our parents to support the children. Please do come and see us if you have any concerns or questions.

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