Nightingale Infant and Nursery School

Nightingale Infant and Nursery School


School Improvement Plan

School Development Plan 2016-19 

Key Aims

The overarching aim of the School Development Plan is: 

To develop capacity, structure and rigor within all departments of the school structure to ensure a functioning, proactive and responsive school system which can develop with a stimulating curriculum and learning environment with the overarching aim of raising achievement. This requires high quality assessment, innovative ways of working and being responsive to the needs of all pupils.

The key aims of School Development Planning over the next three years are:

To provide a safe, stimulating and enabling environment for children and adults.
To develop the skills of the staff and Governors in both the delivery of a high quality education and the ability to critically analyse this.
To ensure that the school delivers a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of learners.
To deliver the above through the key areas: Leadership, Pedagogy & Curriculum, Learning Environment, Assessment for Learning and Student and Family Support.
Build capacity and sustainability across the whole school.
Raise the quality of teaching & learning
Rigorously monitor and act decisively as a result
Develop the assessment structure in the school to ensure the learning needs of every child are identified and met.
Support the whole child and family in the removal of barriers to learning.
Develop independence, resilience and peer support within the children

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment (supported by Assessment for Learning, Pedagogy & Curriculum and Learning Environment strands)
Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare (supported by the Learning Environment and Student And Family Support strands)
This School Development Plan runs for one academic year, however the implementation of it will be broken down into chunks of phased 'Three Week Plans.' The model for the Three Week Plans follows the following pattern:
Each three week plan is followed by a review week where the ELT or other key staff will review progress and develop the next three week plan accordingly. The Three Week Plans and the School Development Plan are therefore live documents and will be adapted accordingly as the year goes on.
To enable the School Development Plan to function efficiently, two key documents have been developed to run alongside the plan. These are live documents and will be used accordingly. They are The Data Driven Cycle and The Monitoring Overview Document.

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