Nightingale Infant and Nursery School

Nightingale Infant and Nursery School


Our Governors

The Governing Body at Nightingale Infant and Nursery School

The Governors are responsible for policy and strategy and the Headteacher is responsible for the day-to- day running of the school and ensuring that the policy and strategy agreed by the Governors is implemented. The Governing Body has a large number of legal responsibilities and amongst these are ensuring that the National Curriculum is properly delivered, arranging for religious education to be carried out, deciding how to spend the delegated budget and approving the many different school policies, such as those referring to discipline and behaviour and health and safety.

In this section of the website you can find out who the governors of our school are.

If you would like to contact the governors, please do so by phoning the school at the number on this website's front page or by emailing the school.

 Governor Name Category of Governor Body AppointingMembership of Committee(s)/Key Responsibilities  Term of Office Dates
 Karen GardnerCo-optedFGBChair of Governor (Annual election Autumn term), Local Leader of Governance, Head teachers Performance Management, and Middle Leaders Monitoring. 090316 - 080320
Michaela Alison Co-opted FGB Finance lead.  140916 - 130920
 Hilary Anderson Co-opted   FGB Data, Curriculum and Behaviours for learning 161116 - 151120 
 Justine Cole Parent  Election Policy update lead.180314-170318  
 Sabrina Holmes Parent FGB SEND (Special Education Needs) 211015 - 201019  
 Jonathan Coy Head teacher On appointment  010916 
 Tessa Warner Staff  Election School web site Audit 201015 - 191019 
 Philippa Rudd LA LA Safeguarding, Attendance and Pupil Premium. Tbc  

Register of Business Interests for School Governors

The register should set out the relevant business interests of governors and details of any other educational establishments they govern. The register should also set out any relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.


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